New York Times Touts Benefits of Geothermal

Most of the testimony we read regarding the benefits and costs of a geothermal heating and air conditioning system come from the mid-west. However, if you are a local Long Islander considering going “geothermal”, this recent article in the NY Times Science section should help you with your cost/benefit analysis. It is interesting to note that Ms. Kreahling sites in her article the lack of qualified designers and installers in our area, as well as one-stop responsibility. You need a qualified, IGSHPA accredited designer and installer that will handle both the important work in the ground AND the HVAC system inside. Without that, you are asking for trouble and finger pointing by contracting yourself to several different vendors for drilling, excavating, loop installation and HVAC installation. However, you need look no further for a successful designer and installer of entire closed-loop geothermal HVAC systems.

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